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Title :

Title : Astrophiz Podcast Interviews Steve Olney: Capturing the
2019 Vela Pulsar Glitch with an RTL-SDR

Content :  Back in May 2019  we posted  about Steve Olney's HawkRAO
amateur radio astronomy station which was the only station in
the world to capture the 2019 Vela Pulsar "glitch" which he did
so using his RTL-SDR as the radio. The astronomy focused podcast
"Astrophiz" recently interviewed Steve in episode 95  where he talks
about his amateur radio background, his home made radio telescope,
his RTL-SDR and software processing setup, and the Vela glitch. 

Title : Reverse Engineering and Controlling a Pan-Tilt Camera Servo
with an RTL-SDR and Arduino

Content :  The ZIFON YT-500 is a pan-tilt tripod designed for
mounting small cameras and smart phones. It also comes with an RF
based 433 MHz wireless remote control that allows you to remotely
control the positioning. 

Title : SignalsEverywhere Reviews our RTL-SDR Blog L-Band Active
Patch Antenna Kit

Content :  Over on the SignalsEverywhere YouTube channel Corrosive
from the SignalsEverywhere channel has uploaded a review of
our RTL-SDR Blog L-Band Active Patch antenna. Our patch antenna
can be used for applications such as Inmarsat, Iridium and GPS

Title : Tysonpower Reviews A Cheap 15€ DAB/DAB+ USB Receiver
Dongle that Generates an MP3 Stream

Content :  Thank you to Tysonpower who wanted to share his review
of a cheap 15€ DAB/DAB+ receiver USB dongle that  he found on  (we also found the  same device on for US$23.99
).  The device is not an SDR, but it receives BAND III DAB/DAB+
at 160-240 MHz and generates an MP3 stream which can be played back
on any MP3 capable device such as a PC, single board computer or
car head unit. 

Title : Decoding Differential GPS (DGPS) with an RSPdx and MultiPSK

Content :  Over on YouTube the TechMinds channel has uploaded a new
video about decoding  Differential GPS (DGPS)  using an SDRplay RSPdx
SDR. DGPS is a terrestrially transmitted long wave signal that is
used to help correct and improve GPS position data calculations
which may have timing errors due to atmospheric propagation
delays. It works by broadcasting correction data calculated by
the difference in received GPS location and the known location
of the DGPS transmission site. DGPS is typically transmitted on
longwave between 285 kHz and 315 kHz, but in Argentina there are
two stations at 2570 and 2950 kHz. 

Title : Airspy 30% Off Black Friday Sale Coupon Now Active

Content :  Airspy have recently announced on Twitter that they
are holding a 30% off Black Friday sale that runs from November
26 to December 2. The coupon is apparently valid from all their
distributors which can be found on their  purchase page . 

Title : Coole-Radar: A Retro Terminal Based Radar Display for ADS-B
Aircraft Data

Content :  John Wiseman has been working on a cool old-school retro
styled aircraft ADS-B radar that runs entirely within a terminal
window. So no GUI desktop should be required. The project, called
"coole-radar", is available as open source code on GitHub . 

Title : A Homebrew All-In-One RTL-SDR with Screen and Control Knobs
Running on a Mini PC

Content :  Over on YouTube user Pablo Sala (KI7OJL) has uploaded
a video that shows a neat all-in-one receiver build based on an
RTL-SDR. Pablo's build runs on a  Pipo x8 Mini PC  which is a
US$110 PC/tablet that includes a build in LCD touch screen. The
build also adds several Arduino powered control knobs for tuning,
mode and bank selection, squelch and volume to the base. The knobs
directly interface with HDSDR, his chosen software. 


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hell, and drove it around the block a few times.  I thought I should go park
it in the middle of the freeway and yell at everyone to get off my driveway."
		-- Steven Wright


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