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Subj: EuCW QRS Week Results 2021
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Subject: EuCW QRS Week Results 2021
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Dear ECMs and friends,

these are the results of the EUCW-QRS Week 2021. Formally, the EUCW QRS week
is hosted by AGCW-DL, yet it is dedicated to EUCW. I would like to thank
those ECMs who have advertized the QRS-W within their clubs in a personal
manner. Please drop me a line if you helped to promote this activity.
Only THREE EuCW clubs were represented in this event, i.e. the host club AGCW,
the former host club FISTS, and UFT.
I want to send a special thanks to Graham, G3ZOD, from FISTS who is the author
of the FISTS Log Converter. Even though FISTS is not hosting the QRSW any more
Graham still supports the QRSW in his software. He upgraded this Software
regularly and it is getting better and better. The more participants
are using FLC, the easier it is to analyze the logs.
The results below are only a part of the story, not all newcomers find
the courage to send in a formal log but they are in the logs of the
participants. The most successful newcomer was dl3gj who worked our
Bronze award in the 100W class.


EuCW QRS Week Results 2021

Participants Class A - 100W RF
c/s    QSO   Err   Award
2E0DPH   3   0.0
DC2TS   22   0.4
DC8ED   31   0.6
DG1EHM   8   0.0
DG7FB    5   1.0
DL0GRH   3   0.4
DL1DHM   8   1.2
DL1DXL   5   0.2
DL1GBZ  28   0.0
DL1WM   24   0.2
DL2FCA  47   0.2   Silver
DL3GJ   46   3.2   Bronze
DL6KWN   4   0.0
F4GOP   30   1.6
F4HOR   19   1.4
G4LHI   67   2.4   Gold
IK2RMZ  25   0.0
M0UZE    8   0.0
OH7QR   30   0.0
PA0SIM  12   0.0

Participants Class B - 5W RF
c/s    QSO   Err
DJ6UX   30   0.0   Gold

Participants Class C - SWL
c/s    Pts   Err
DH4FAW  40   -     Gold

MRM - most popular Operator
c/s    score
G4LHI   88         MRM award

Top RBN - frequent CQs
F4GOP  649         RBN award
G4LHI  612
DJ6UX  473
OH7QR  305
DC2TS  300
DG1EHM 272
DL1GBZ 220
F4HOR  214
DL1WM  150

Participating EUCW clubs
club   score
AGCW   351         Club award
FISTS  230
UFT     45

Soap Box:

2e0dph Only 3 but that's how it goes sometimes.
dg1ehm Thank you!
dl3gj  I completed my first CW QSO in March 2021 - so I am still a beginner.
       But because of home office I did progress a little. 
g4lhi  A very enjoyable event,but conditions on HF not very good,there
       did not seem as many stations taking part this year, not many
       stations were calling CQ EUCW QRS. Very many thanks to the
       organisers of this event & may it continue
m0uze  Thank you, stay safe

Comments from the editor: 

Phil, 2E0DPH, thanks for sending in the log anyway. Every log is precious
and every QSO is precious, including those that do not appear in our
Grzegorz, DL3GJ, You achieved the Bronze award from scratch, this is
some achievement for a newcomer. Welcome to EUCW activities. Please
join our Snakes And Ladders activity, too.
Peter, G4LHI, is right about the CQ calling. Yet, the directional call
to participants is optional. It is optional on purpose in order to keep
the event as open as possible. Peter has done an excellent job, he is
both the Gold award winner and he was second best in the Reverse Beacon
Network count. This means he was very frequent caller in the prescribed
speed class. Furthermore, he has won the popularity contest MRM.
Thanks for the faithful support.

QRS-W host
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