LU9DCE > DX       27.05.21 23:00z 230 Lines 7657 Bytes #182 (0) @ WW
BID : 1431_LU9DCE
Subj: DX OPERATION 27-MAY.2021
Sent: 210527/2230Z 1431@LU9DCE.TOR.BA.ARG.SOAM BPQ6.0.21

              __    _  _  ___  ____   ___  ____    ____  ____  ____
             (  )  / )( \/ _ \(    \ / __)(  __)  (  _ \(  _ \/ ___)
             / (_/\) \/ (\__  )) D (( (__  ) _)    ) _ ( ) _ (\___ \
             \____/\____/(___/(____/ \___)(____)  (____/(____/(____/

                        Copyright 2021 Eduardo A. Castillo




Apr 25-Jun 25, 2021
DXCC: SomaliaCallsign: 6O1OOQSL: See InfoSource: 425DXN (Apr 16, 
2021)Info: By EP3CQ fm Mogadishu; HF; mainly FT8; spare time 
operation; QSL: Ali Solhjoo, Freienwalderstr. 35, 13359 Berlin, 


May 10-Jun 27, 2021
DXCC: NigerCallsign: 5UAIHMQSL: F4IHMSource: TDDX (Apr 16, 2021)Info: 
By F4IHM fm Niamey; CW; 40 20m; wire antenna

May 15-Jun 15, 2021
DXCC: HaitiCallsign: HH2JA QSL: LoTWSource: OPDX (May 23, 2021)Info: 
By JK1UWY fm Petionville; 80-6m; CW SSB FT8; spare time operation; 
QSL via eQSL; operation may contineu for 3 years

May 20-27, 2021
DXCC: SeychellesCallsign: S79LAQSL: LoTWSource: DXW.Net (May 19, 
2021)Info: By 4Z5LA fm IOTA AF-024; HF; QSL via 4Z5LA Buro, eQSL

May 20-Jun 20, 2021
DXCC: NigeriaCallsign: 5N7MSFQSL: eQSLSource: TDDX (May 17, 
2021)Info: By F5MAW; focus on 20 15m; 100w; quad; spare time 
operation to continue until Sep 15

May 23-Jun 5, 2021
DXCC: MartiniqueCallsign: FMQSL: ON4RU DirectSource: ON4RU (Mar 14, 
2021)Info: By ON4RU as FM/OQ3R fm IOTA NA-107; 160-10m; only CW; 
holiday style operation; QRV for WPX CW as TO3F

May 27-30, 2021
DXCC: MonacoCallsign: 3AQSL: LoTWSource: DXW.Net (May 14, 2021)Info: 
By IW1RBI and team as 3A/IW1RBI; 30-6m; 1 stn, 24hrs/day; CW SSB FT8; 

May 28-Jun 11, 2021
DXCC: Christmas IslandCallsign: VK9XXQSL: EB8DXSource: DXW.Net (Apr 
15, 2021)Info: By VK6SJ fm IOTA OC-002; focus on 80 40 30m; mainly 
FT8; wires, perhaps a vertical; QRV local mornings and evenings

CQ WW WPX Contest, CW (May 29-30, 2021) Check here for pericontest 
activity too.

May 29-Jun 1, 2021
DXCC: BahamasCallsign: C6A QSL: LoTWSource: 425DXN (May 21, 
2021)Info: By C6A/KV4T; 40 20m; FT8 FT4; QSL via KV4T direct

May 30-Jun 30, 2021
DXCC: TongaCallsign: A35JPQSL: LoTWSource: JA0RQV (Apr 4, 2021)Info: 
By JA0RQV fm Tongatapu I (IOTA OC-049); 80-6m; CW, SSB, FT8; QSL via 
Club Log OQRS; See web for details; dates may change due to Covid-19


Jun 3-14, 2021
DXCC: British Virgin IsCallsign: VP2VQSL: LoTWSource: TDDX (May 17, 
2021)Info: By NC3Z as VP2V/NC3Z

Jun 8-Jul 10, 2021
DXCC: GreenlandCallsign: OX3LX QSL: LoTWSource: TDDX (May 21, 
2021)Info: By OZ1DJJ fm IOTA NA-018, NA-220, NA151; HF + 6 4m; spare 
time operation; QSL also OK via OZ0J and Club Log OQRS

Jun 10-12, 2021
DXCC: OgasawaraCallsign: JD1BLYQSL: JI5RPTSource: JI5RPT (Apr 22, 
2021)Info: By JI5RPT fm Chichijima I (IOTA AS-031); 40-6m; FT8 CW 
SSB; QSL OK B/d; COVID permitting

Jun 30-Jul 3, 2021
DXCC: AlaskaCallsign: KL7RRCQSL: N7ROSource: TDDX (Apr 20, 2021)Info: 
By N7QT W8HC NL8F N3QQ fm Adak I (IOTA NA-039); 40-6m; CW SSB FT8 

Jun 30-Jul 4, 2021
DXCC: LiechtensteinCallsign: HB0QSL: EB7DXSource: TDDX (May 18, 
2021)Info: By HB9HBY as HB0/HB9HBY fm Steg; FT8 CW SSB; 160-10m; G5RV


Jul 7-12, 2021
DXCC: AlaskaCallsign: KL7RRCQSL: N7ROSource: TDDX (Apr 20, 2021)Info: 
By N7QT W8HC NL8F N3QQ fm Kiska I (IOTA NA-070); 40-6m; CW SSB FT8 

Jul 7-14, 2021
DXCC: ArubaCallsign: P4QSL: ND7JSource: ND7J (Jul 22, 2019)Info: By 
ND7J as P4/ND7J and N4IQ as P4/N4IQ; QRV for IARU Contest

Jul 14-16, 2021
DXCC: AlaskaCallsign: KL7RRCQSL: N7ROSource: TDDX (Apr 20, 2021)Info: 
By N7QT W8HC NL8F N3QQ fm Adak I (IOTA NA-039); 40-6m; CW SSB FT8 

Jul 14-21, 2021
DXCC: BahamasCallsign: C6AHAQSL: LoTWSource: DXW.Net (Mar 5, 
2021)Info: By N4RRR K4KSW N4QBS NN2T fm Bimini I (IOTA NA-048); HF 
FT8 SSB CW; QSL via Club Log OQRS

Jul 23-Aug 3, 2021
DXCC: St VincentCallsign: J88PIQSL: GW4DVB DirectSource: DXW.Net (Jul 
27, 2020)Info: By GW4DVB fm Palm I (IOTA NA-025, FK92ho); 40-6m; SSB 

Jul 21-26, 2021
DXCC: SvalbardCallsign: JW0WQSL: LoTWSource: DXW.Net (Apr 22, 
2021)Info: By LB1QI LB2HG LA7GIA LA7QIA LA8OM fm Prins Karls Forland 
I (IOTA EU-063); focus on 40 30 20m; focus on NA and Asia; 1kw; VDAs 
and verticals nr salt water; QSL via M0OXO; QRV for RSGB IOTA

RSGB IOTA Contest, SSB (Jul 24-25, 2021) Check here for pericontest 
activity too.

Jul 25-Sep 4, 2021
DXCC: AzoresCallsign: CT8QSL: LoTWSource: TDDX (May 19, 2021)Info: By 
W6PQL as CT8/W6PQL; FT8 on all bands; 20m SSB


Aug 1-30, 2021
DXCC: Dominican RepublicCallsign: HI9QSL: eQSLSource: TDDX (Feb 6, 
2020)Info: By HB9TUZ as HI9/HB9TUZ fm Las Terransa; 40-10m; SSB


Sep 20-30, 2021
DXCC: TanzaniaCallsign: 5H1IPQSL: ClubLog OQRSSource: 4L5A (Feb 27, 
2021)Info: By HA3JB fm Zanzibar (IOTA AF-032); 160-6m; CW SSB RTTY 

Sep 21-Oct 5, 2021
DXCC: St Pierre & MiquelonCallsign: FPQSL: LoTWSource: DXW.Net 
(Nov 26, 2019)Info: By KV1J as FP/KV1J fm Miquelon I (IOTA NA-032, 
DIFO FP-002, WLOTA 1417); 160-6m; mainly SSB CW RTTY FT8 FT4; see Web 
for QSL details

CQ WW DX Contest, RTTY (Sep 25-26, 2021) Check here for pericontest 
activity too.

Sep 29-Oct 13, 2021
DXCC: MaldivesCallsign: 8Q7CQQSL: M0OXOSource: DXW.Net (Oct 25, 
2020)Info: By G0VJG fm Reethi Faru, Filaidhoo I (IOTA AS-013); 
80-10m, incl 60m; SSB + digital,some CW; 300w; vertical, dipole; QSL 
OK via Club Log OQRS; license pending


Oct 1-30, 2021
DXCC: Mellish ReefCallsign: VK9HRQSL: TBDSource: TDDX (Jan 28, 
2021)Info: By 7 op VK team; 160-10m; CW SSB FT8; exact dates TBD

Oct 9-23, 2021
DXCC: SurinamCallsign: PZ5GEQSL: LoTWSource: DXW.Net (Mar 23, 
2021)Info: By DJ4EL fm Houttyn (Papegaaine I, IOTA SA-023); 40-10m; 

Oct 16-Nov 12, 2021
DXCC: St Kitts & NevisCallsign: V47JAQSL: LoTWSource: W5JON (Dec 
9, 2020)Info: By W5JON fm Calypso Bay; 160-6m, incl 60m; SSB FT8; 
yagi, verticals; QSL also OK via W5JON direct

Oct 25-Nov 1, 2021
DXCC: St EustatiusCallsign: PJ5QSL: LoTWSource: W5JON (Dec 9, 
2020)Info: By W5JON as PJ5/W5JON; 40-6m SSB FT8; QRV for CQWW DX SSB; 
QSL also OK via W5JON direct

CQ WW DX Contest, SSB (Oct 30-31, 2021) Check here for pericontest 
activity too.


Nov 3-13, 2021
DXCC: Willis ICallsign: VK9WQSL: TBDSource: DXW.Net (Feb 15, 
2021)Info: By VK2IR VK3YP VK2RF VK2OK VK2PN VK6CQ + others fm IOTA 
OC-007; 160-10m, perhaps 6m; CW SSB + digital

CQ WW DX Contest, CW (Nov 27-28, 2021) Check here for pericontest 
activity too.


Dec 16-22, 2021
DXCC: BangladeshCallsign: S21DXQSL: LoTWSource: DXW.Net (Mar 19, 
2021)Info: By S21RC S21AM S21D fm Manpura I (IOTA AS-140); 40 20 15 
10m; SSB; 100w; yagi, verts, inv vee; 2 stations; QSL via EB7DX

Dec 25, 2021-Jan 25, 2022
DXCC: Bouvet ICallsign: 3Y0IQSL: TBASource: DXW.Net (Apr 5, 
2021)Info: By 8 op team; 160-6m; CW SSB FT4/FT8 RTTY; dates tentative


Mar 2-11, 2022
DXCC: GalapagosCallsign: HD8M QSL: LoTWSource: TDDX (Apr 23, 
2022)Info: By WB2REM VO1IDX KH6M KE2D fm Santa Cruz I (IOTA SA-004); 
160-10m; FT8 (f/h) SSB CW; QSL via WB2REM direct



Jan 15-Feb 5, 2023
DXCC: Bouvet ICallsign: 3Y0JQSL: LoTWSource: N6PSE (Apr 4, 2021)Info: 
By LA7GIA N6PSE + team; 160-10m; CW SSB FT4/FT8 RTTY; QSL: M0OXO; 
dates tentative

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