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Il 02/03/2021 10:50, LW1DSE ha scritto:

 >Hello all the net.
 >My doubt is how to make a proper hierarchical route for use here.
 >My temptative is the following:
 >I live in a town called "Almirante Brown", in Buenos Aires Province, in
 >Argentina Republic, AKA the Ass of te world .
 >Is it OK or not?
 >Suggestions are welcomed.
 >Many thanks in advance.

Hi Osvaldo.
Everything before .ARG.SOAM is an internal standard of Argentina's 
Sysops. If Baires Province is calles BA then BA.ARG.SOAM is ok.
Even if BRWN is Almirante Brown internal identificator... is all ok.
What about LU9DCE???

73 de Leo IZ5FSA

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