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Subj: DEPECHE MODE: A question of lust (Lyrics).
Sent: 181013/2052Z @:LU7DQP.#LAN.BA.ARG.SOAM #:48360 [Lanus Oeste] FBB7.00i

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DEPECHE MODE: A Question of Lust Lyrics (Fragile)
------- ----

Like a baby in your arms,
be gentle with me.
I'd never willingly
do you harm.

are all you seem to get from me.
But just like a child
you make me smile.
When you care for me,
and you know.

It's a question of lust.
It's a question of trust.
It's a question of not letting.
What we've built up
crumble to dust.
It is all of these things and more,
that keep us together.

is still important for us though (we realise).
It's easy to make,
the stupid mistake
of letting go (do you know what I mean ?).

My weaknesses,
you know each and every one (it frightens me).
But I need to drink
more than you seem to think.
Before I'm anyone's
and you know.

It's a question of lust.
It's a question of trust.
It's a question of not letting
what we've built up.
Crumble to dust
It is all of these things and more
that keep us together.

Kiss me goodbye,
when I'm on my own
But you know that i'd
rather be home.

It's a question of lust...
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Ί               6 celdas 2V 150AH. 18 paneles solares 10W.                   Ί
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