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Title :

Title : Vela Pulsar Glitch Detected with RTL-SDR Based Radio

Content :  On February 1st 2019 the  HawkRAO amateur radio
telescope detected a "glitch" during it's observations of the Vela
Pulsar . A pulsar is a rotating neutron star that emits a beam of
electromagnetic radiation. If this beam points towards the earth,
it can then be observed with a large dish or directional antenna
and a radio, like the RTL-SDR. The Vela pulsar is the strongest
one in our sky, making it one of the easiest for amateur radio
astronomers to receive. 

Title : Decoding Es’Hail-2 DVB-S2 Realtime in Linux with

Content :  Last week  we posted  about M Khanfar's YouTube video
that showed how to decode Es'Hail-2/QO-100 DVB-S2 on Ubuntu with
the  LeanDVB  decoder. However, the method he showed was not in
real time as it involved recording an IQ file in GQRX first, then
decoding that IQ file. Similarly we  also posted  last week about
a Windows based real time decoder. 

Title : RSGB Talk – The Farnham WebSDR: DC to Microwaves on
your Smartphone

Content :  Over on YouTube the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)
has uploaded a talk by Noel Matthews (G8GTZ) titled "The Farnham
WebSDR: DC to Microwaves on your smartphone". The  Farnham WebSDR
runs 8 (soon to be 10) RTL-SDR dongles in order to cover multiple
bands from DC to 2 GHz. 

Title : RTLion: The Multipurpose RTL-SDR Framework

Content :  Redditor [ K3PWN ] has recently  released his project
called “RTLion” . RTLion is a software framework for
RTL-SDR dongles that currently supports various features such as a
power spectrum plot and frequency scanning. The software can run on
a Raspberry Pi 3 and all features are intended to be accessed via
an easy to use web browser interface, or via an Android app. The
software can also be run with Docker, making it useful for IoT

Title : SignalsEverywhere Podcast: Is Software Defined Radio Illegal?

Content :  Corrosive from the  SignalsEverywhere  YouTube
channel has released a new episode of his podcast, this time
discussing the topic " Is Software Defined Radio Illegal? ". Recently
we posted  about the unfortunate arrest of a UN investigator
in Tunisia. Reports from news agencies seem to indicate that a
major factor in his arrest was his use of an RTL-SDR dongle for
monitoring air traffic as part of his investigation on Libya arms
embargo violations. Although it is suspected that other political
motivations are at play. 

Title : Online Course: Software Defined Radio From 0 to 1

Content :  Back in March  we posted  about Qasim Chaudhari and his
recently released book titled " Wireless Communications From the
Ground Up - An SDR Perspective ". The book covers advanced University
level wireless topics, but he noted how he's attempted to keep the
math at school complexity (although for most people we'd say it's
still more at undergraduate Engineering school complexity). 

Title : Decoding EMWIN Weather Information VHF Rebroadcasts with

Content :  EMWIN is an acronym for Emergency Managers Weather
Information Network, and is a service for emergency managers
that provides weather forecasts, warnings, graphics and other
information in real time. EMWIN is broadcast from geostationary
NOAA GOES satellites, and if you have a GOES SDR receiver setup it
is possible to  receive and decode EMWIN  data. 

Title : LimeSDR Angle of Arrival Experiments at 145 MHz

Content :      Two J-Poles used in LimeSDR Angle of Arrival


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