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Subj: rrdtool: scarce results
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SICD project Rome Italy - Msg sent by I0OJJ : 05/16/2019 18:23

Hi all,
after some other editing on config and a further rrdtool graphic
implementation, obtained a global improvment on the pure 'mrtg'
plotting but, on the contrary, the 'rrdtool' graphic format is
almost bad.
As per above it will be documented with two sample pictures just
saved from the server and mailed in 7plus.
Simply, the rrdtool picture show only two of the six colours
on the diagram, then the below icons are messed up and some
of them have the seme colours...
First, I'm doubting about the scarse graphic of my server
which may produce such a trouble, but apart this, I can't find
any explaination on how to force different colours for each
inerface in/out... then, the domumentation is very complex
and so diccicult to understand, at least for me :)

73 and ciao, gustavo i0ojj/ir0aab/ir0eq
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur

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