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Title : Migrant children: US battle moves to Congress

            Legislators will vote on immigration bills after
            President Trump ends separation of migrant families.

Title : Indonesia ferry disaster: Lake Toba captain detained

            Indonesian police are to question the captain of an
            overloaded vessel that sank in Lake Toba.

Title : XXXTentacion: Suspect arrested in rapper murder case

            Dedrick D Williams, 22, faces a first-degree murder
            charge over the controversial rapper's death.

Title : Jacinda Ardern baby: New Zealand PM gives birth to girl

            Jacinda Ardern is the second elected world leader after
            Benazir Bhutto to give birth while in office.

Title : World Cup 2018: Female reporter groped and kissed on air

            After being groped on air by a football fan, a Colombian
            reporter speaks out about being harassed.

Title : Koko the famously social gorilla dies in California

            Described as "the primary ambassador for her endangered
            species", she mastered sign language.

Title : Icy dip to mark winter solstice in Antarctica

            Australian scientists take the plunge to welcome the
            return of brighter days after weeks of darkness.

Title : Why you can't talk about John Oliver in China

            China's biggest social media platform is cracking down
            on the British comedian.

Title : Sara Netanyahu: Israeli PM's wife charged with fraud

            Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife Sara faces
            charges over alleged misuse of state funds.

Title : Charlottesville far-right rally organiser plans Washington
DC event

            The Charlottesville "Unite the Right" organiser wins
            approval to hold a rally in Washington DC.

Title : World Cup 2018: Denmark 1-1 Australia

            Australia captain Mile Jedinak scores a penalty for the
            third successive World Cup game to earn the Socceroos
            a crucial point against Denmark.

Title : Turkish singer Hacer Tulu shot dead in nightclub

            Hacer Tulu, 40, was fatally wounded when attackers
            burst into the club, which is popular with tourists.

Title : Italy warns EU partners on migrant deal ahead of summit

            Curbing the boatloads of Mediterranean migrants is the
            priority, Italy tells EU partners.

Title : Anything to declare? Canadians react to Trump's shoe
smuggling claim.

            President Trump claims they are sneaking goods across
            the border. Do Canadians have anything to declare?

Title : Summer and winter solstice celebrations

            From a summer sunrise at Stonehenge to an icy swim
            in Antarctica.

Title : World Cup 2018: Women finally allowed in Iranian football

            Women in Tehran celebrated watching their first game
            after restrictions on entering stadiums were lifted.

Title : Instagram star Daryl Aiden Yow used stock image photos

            Big brands including Sony and Uniqlo had worked with
            Daryl Aiden Yow because of his online fame.

Title : Hong Kong sci-fi film mixes robots and Chinese opera

            A surreal Hong Kong animation that blends sci-fi with
            Chinese history aims to break stereotypes.

Title : Meet the Kenyan man who writes upside down

            Daniel Mirera has been writing upside down since he
            was a child.

Title : Inside South Sudan's civil war

            The BBC gains rare access to the world's youngest nation,
            torn apart by five years of civil war.

Title : Like Minds: Why insomnia affects your mental health

            Why do we feel so low when we've not had enough sleep?

Title : #MeToo: The US state about to elect a woman

            Two women competing for a congressional seat in
            Pennsylvania say they are motivated by the #MeToo

Title : The 'Baby' that ushered in modern computer age

            Scientists are celebrating the birth 70 years ago of
            a machine that kick-started the modern computer age.

Title : Migrant children in the US: The bigger picture explained

            Why has this been happening? Why now? We explain the
            context of why migrant families are being separated.

Title : Why a Fox walkout over migrants is unlikely

            Hollywood celebrities threaten to leave Fox over its
            news channel's partisan coverage of US politics.

Title : Have Zimbabwe's generals turned into democrats?

            As Zimbabwe heads towards election season, have Robert
            Mugabe's supporters really turned into democrats?

Title : XXXTentacion: Controversy rages after rapper's shooting death

            Fans grapple with how to remember XXXTentacion as
            conspiracy theories circulate.

Title : Turkey election: Expats play decisive role in Erdogan vote

            Almost half of Turkey's expat voters have already cast
            their vote, as President Erdogan eyes greater power.

Title : Eighty tonnes in a single scoop: Mega-mining iron ore

            Prices may have fallen back over the past decade,
            but iron ore exports are still a key component of the
            Australian economy.

Title : Why did the US leave the UN Human Rights Council?

            America's move was not unexpected but still disappointing
            for both Washington allies and critics.

Title : Manchester United: Brazilian Fred joins from Shakhtar
Donetsk for £47m

            Manchester United confirm the signing of Brazil
            midfielder Fred from Shakhtar Donetsk for £47m.

Title : World Cup Catch-up: Ronaldo record, poor Pepe & a comedy

            Watch all the best action and funnies from day seven
            of the World Cup, as Spain overcome an unorthodox Iran
            team and Cristiano Ronaldo does it again for Portugal.

Title : South Africa v England: Danny Cipriani makes first start
for England since 2008

            Danny Cipriani will make his first start for England
            since 2008 in the third Test against South Africa,
            replacing George Ford at fly-half.

Title : Argentina v Scotland: Captain Stuart McInally returns among
eight changes

            Scotland tour captain Stuart McInally has recovered
            from injury to start in their final summer Test against

Title : World Cup 2018: The Indian who cycled to Russia to meet Messi

            Clifin Francis took a bike to meet his hero and is now
            just days away from Moscow.

Title : Iranian women at World Cup stadium to watch men's football

            Hundreds of Iranian women watched their first men's
            football match in a stadium last night.

Title : Jonas Knudsen: Denmark players pay for jet so defender can
see new-born daughter

            Denmark's players paid for a private jet so defender
            Jonas Knudsen could fly home and see his new-born
            daughter after the World Cup win over Peru.

Title : 'I quit my job and spent all my money to be in Russia'

            Peru's supporters have travelled in huge numbers -
            and made amazing journeys - to follow their team in
            Russia. BBC Sport's Patrick Jennings joins them.

Title : World Cup 2018: Is Saransk the most unusual host city
in Russia?

            From cats on leads to Colombian huskies - BBC Sport
            visits the city that never expected to host the
            World Cup.

Title : World Cup 2018: Cristiano Ronaldo like a 'Port wine' -
Portugal boss Fernando Santos

            Cristiano Ronaldo is likened to a "Port wine" and
            described as being "like a Ferrari" after scoring the
            winning goal for Portugal against Morocco.

Title : Lord Sugar criticised for tweet comparing Senegal team to
'beach sellers in Marbella'

            Lord Sugar is criticised for an "unhelpful and ignorant"
            tweet comparing Senegal's World Cup team to "beach
            sellers in Marbella".

Title : The man who went to the North Korean place that ‘doesnt

            One US citizen warns of the consequences of a visit to
            a forbidden area in North Korea.

Title : The untold good news story of America today

            A grassroots movement getting few headlines could yet
            herald a new American age of change.

Title : Leslie Grantham's dramatic life on and off screen

            The actor who served time for murder and played Dirty
            Den in BBC One's EastEnders, dies aged 71.

Title : Sex, lies and payday loans: The parachute murder plot

            How Emile Cilliers' lifetime of cheating and lies led
            to his eventual unveiling as a would-be murderer.

Title : 'Why my daughter wants a hysterectomy at 15'

            A mother and daughter both have a severe form of
            premenstrual syndrome.


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