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Subj: Today in History - Oct 23
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Marcus Junius Brutus, a leading conspirator in the assassination of
Julius Caesar, commits suicide after his defeat at the second battle of

Two years before, Brutus had joined Gaius Cassius Longinus in the plot
against the Roman dictator Julius Caesar, believing he was striking a
blow for the restoration of the Roman Republic. However, the result of
Caesar’s assassination was to plunge the Roman world into a new round of
civil wars, with the Republican forces of Brutus and Cassius vying for
supremacy against Octavian and Mark Antony. After being defeated by
Antony at a battle in Philippi, Greece, in October 42 B.C., Cassius
killed himself. On October 23, Brutus’ army was crushed by Octavian and
Antony at a second encounter at Philippi, and Brutus took his own life.

Antony and Octavian soon turned against each other, and in 27 B.C. the
Roman Republic was lost forever with the ascendance of Octavian as
Augustus Caesar, the first emperor of Rome.

73 de Scott KF5JRV


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