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N1URO  > PACKET   16.01.19 12:00l 44 Lines 1997 Bytes #8 (0) @ WW
BID : 15999_N1URO
Subj: Re: GM4UPX > Node Hopping-Flexnet
Sent: 190116/1034Z @:N1URO.#CCT.CT.USA.NOAM #:15999 [Unionville] $:15999_N1URO

Ian (et al);

> After reading the description of Netrom/Flexnet from Brian
> I thought about the node I cannot connect to from my list.
> Could it be a Flexnet node appearing in my Netrom node list
> due to mis-configuration somewhere ?

No that would be impossible. FlexNet does *not* contain _any_ NetRom
protocol overhead which is why you will never see a FlexNet node in a
NetRom nodes list/table. Now it *is* possible that an Xnet sysop has
cloned a FlexNet destination to show as a NetRom node, but that'd be
very rare if one did do that.

> Brian, your message appeared here two times re: your message to sysop.

Just as this message from you came up twice being bid changed by LU8FJH:
Bid: 231_LU8FJH
R:190116/0102Z @:WA7V.#SEWA.WA.USA.NOAM #:7306 [C-Basin Hub] $:231_LU8FJH
R:190116/0100Z @:CX2SA.SAL.URY.SOAM #:63019 [Salto] FBB7.00e $:231_LU8FJH
R:190116/0100z @:F4DUR.FRHA.FRA.EU $:231_LU8FJH
R:190116/0100Z @:LU4ECL.LP.BA.ARG.SOAM #:55569 [La Plata] FBB7.0.8-beta2
R:190116/0100Z @:HP2BWJ.COL.PAN.CEAM #:34686 [Colon,Panama] FBB7.00e
R:190116/0053Z @:LU1DBQ.#MOR.BA.ARG.SOAM #:7769 [MORON] $:231_LU8FJH
R:190115/2352z @:LU7ABF.ARG.SA [BAIRES] TCPIP-Net #:32225 $:231_lu8fjh Z:1431
R:190115/2031z @:LU8FJH.#2000.SF.ARG.SOAM [Rosario] TNOS/U 3.01a1
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ point of bid change ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
R:190115/2313z @:VE3CGR.#SCON.ON.CAN.NOAM [Aurora] jnos2.0k.3B #:6036 $:7797_GB7JED Z:L4G1C5
R:190115/2311z @:I0OJJ.ITA.EU [Rome] #:74686 $:7797_GB7JED
R:190115/2311z @:IZ3LSV.IVEN.ITA.EU $:7797_GB7JED
R:190115/2311z @:F1OYP.FAQI.FRA.EU $:7797_GB7JED
R:190115/2311z @:ON0AR.#AN.BEL.EU $:7797_GB7JED
R:190115/2310Z @:GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO #:54741 [Caterham Surrey GBR]
R:190115/1759Z @:GB7JED.#71.GBR.EURO #:7797 [ScottishBorders] $:7797_GB7JED

Sysops, please halt forwarding with this station until he gets his system
fixed! It's causing mass dupes globally!

73 de N1URO
SendBBS v1.1 by N1URO for LinFBB

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