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Subj: Real Man's Hand Soap
Sent: 181130/2101Z 475@N3FIX.#EPA.PA.USA.NOAM LinBPQ6.0.17

Tech Tip for Really Dirty Hands

Here we have a special magic homemade biodegradable
hand soap that excels in cleaning greasy
hands. Hams are do-it-yourself kind of guys and gals,
often times we roll up our sleeves and get dirty.
This soap is not for sissy's or dishpan hands. It
is for the person who has ground-in brake
shoe dust with brake fluid and 30 years of
chassis grime ground into the hands and
under the finger nails.
We are talking serious grime that none of the
over-the-counter cleaners works well to remove!

I have never found a commercial equivalent of
this magic hand soap or any commercial hand
soap that will clean as effectively as this
homemade soap.

However, I can not take credit for it. It is a
recipe passed down through ever frugal farmers I know.

What is this magic hand soap?
Simple. Equal amounts of powdered Tide and cornmeal.
I buy a pound bag of corneal and pour into a
gallon bottle. Then pour in an equal amount
of Tide. Shake to mix thoroughly. There you have it.
I pour it into a discarded grated cheese
dispenser and keep it by the sink. 

de N3FIX
at the Cly Institute for Radio Research

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