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Subj: VK7 Amateur Radio News 23Jun19
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FOR SUNDAY 23 June 2019

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Welcome to the VK7 Amateur Radio News for the 23rd of June 2019. This broadcast is brought to you by VK7WI, and read today by Rick, VK7RI.

This broadcast utilises repeaters around VK7 and the following HF rebroadcast stations:

On 3.670 MHz by Ross, VK7ALH

On 7.140 MHz by Justin, VK7TW

On 14.130 MHz not known at the time of writing

On 28.525 MHz by Tony, VK7VKT

On DMR Talk Group 3809, Clayton, VK7ZCR.

This broadcast is repeated on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RTC in the South and VK7RAA in the North.



Jack Jordan, VK7IL

Jack Jordan, VK7IL was an active amateur for many years. He operated mainly on HF and VHF, where he made many friends. He was first licensed in 2001 as a Novice, upgrading to a full-call in 2002. He provided the Sunday Broadcast relay on 20m for many years.

He was born in Geelong and at about age 5 moved with his family to King Island where his father was a lighthouse keeper - and also the local electronics technician. His father was a licensed amateur with the call VK7IL (Island Light), and when he passed away Jack took the call in his memory.

Jack had two brothers, both amateurs: Bob VK7JR and Laurie VK2ALV, sadly both silent keys.

Jack had regular skeds with Bob on 80m where they discussed their interest in the "turf", and a daily 20m sked with Laurie to keep abreast of family doings and brewings.

Jack was a Wool Classer in his professional life, gaining his qualifications at the Gordon Institute in Geelong. He then worked all over Australia in the wool industry, finally settling in mainland Tasmania where he and Doreen married and raised a family of two daughters. His anecdotes about his experiences when travelling around were legend.

He was a keen gardener and loved fishing and was a first-class billiards player. Other interests were his Bowls Club and the horse-racing industry.

Jack leaves his wife Doreen and two daughters Amanda and Linda.

Vale Jack

Provided by Harry, VK7AR and acknowledging notes from Dave and Marilyn, VK7OB, Charles, VK7PP and Justin, VK7TW

His obituary reads…

Jack Richard Jordan (VK7 IL) 8.12.1939 to 18.6.2019 Much loved husband of Doreen. Adored father and father-in-law of Amanda and Craig, Linda and Paul, and grandfather of Jason and Brett. Will always be missed and in our hearts. Now forever fishing.

A Service for Jack will be held at Graham Family Funeral Home, Corner Risdon and Bay Roads, New Town, on Monday (24th June 2019) at 3.00pm. Family and friends are warmly invited to attend.



Call for Presentations

At the WIA Annual Conference in Sydney it was announced that the 2020 WIA Annual Conference will be held in Hobart on the 8-10 May 2020.

The theme is Antarctic Gateway and so the tours and visits during the weekend all revolving around Antarctica and Radio.

This is a request for anyone who would be prepared to give a presentation on the Saturday afternoon on any aspect of amateur radio, Antarctica, radio, electronics, experimentation or all of the above.

The presentations slots are 30 to 40 minutes in length with 5 to 10 minutes of questions at the end or throughout the presentation.

If you have a topic and or presentation or just an idea for one then please contact Justin VK7TW at to discuss.

Look forward to hearing from you.

(73, Justin, VK7TW)



Chat and Show Group

The next gathering of the Chat and Show group will be on July 6th at 2pm at the Penguin Sport Centre Ironcliffe Road Penguin, drop in is from 2pm until 5pm.

It is a not club event and is open to all radio enthusiasts from anywhere. The only commitment is the request of a small plate for afternoon tea. Shirley VK7HSC will be supplying Tea and Coffee.

If you have anything you would like to show us that you have built or building bring it, things you have collected also of interest as well, and any questions or discussion will be welcome, there may be a short presentation this time but not confirmed yet.

Hope to see you there.

(Shirl, VK7HSC)



SOTA and WWFF Parks and Reserves Group

Meeting times are from 10:30am on Monday and Friday At Glebe Gardens Cafe, 166 Henry St, Launceston.

For more details contact Al on Mobile: 0417 354 410.

73, Al, VK7AN


Northern Tasmanian Amateur Radio Club Incorporated

Winter has arrived and the first frosts are upon us. Slow combustion heaters are running at a maximum and noticeably so when you drive down the southern outlet into Launceston. Speaking of slow combustions, one of the matters raised at our June meeting was the need to upgrade our heater in the clubroom. This matter was raised as Hearth Vader isnt really a slow combustion heater and at times struggles to bring the room up to a nice warm ambience setting. He has to be commended on the wonderful job be has done over the years but our plan is to relocate him to the fire place in the main hall. He is being replaced by a larger free standing slow combustion heater with a fan. The new heater will be installed in early July. Some wiring needs to carried out to accommodate the new heater so for those that complain about how cold it is, this will surely solve that problem.

We lead off as usual by passing over to NTARC President Idris VK7ZIR for his report on the clubs latest technical session, held at the clubrooms at Rocherlea this past Wednesday evening.

Round up of Wednesday 19 June technical – “A very chilly night kept some of our usual attendees at home in front of their heaters this week, but there were plenty of hardy souls eager to get the wood fire burning. When the heat started pouring out, there was standing room only around the hearth of Hearth Vader. On the subject of our superannuated wood heater, plans are afoot to replace him in the meeting room with an updated more efficient model with a fan. He will not be retired just yet, but may be relocated to provide extra heat in the big hall. Still able to put out good heat, he was not a young heater when he joined us, so has given us many years of good service.

Peter VK7KPC brought along his home brew GPS module with programmable VFO, the frequency measured with his also home built DDS/frequency counter.

Peter VK7PD arrived and advised us that our usual VK2 visitor Peter VK2MPK was suffering from the Tasmanian lurgy and would not see us tonight. However, our Peter downloaded some photos of the route to Cattle Hill, taken by VK2 Peter showing the hazardous conditions caused by ice and snow in the highlands. Apparently they nearly lost one of their trucks on a particularly icy bend.

Idris VK7ZIR came with an armful of technical and computer books for anyone to take, after having a cleanout at home.

With the room now toasty warm, everyone gathered around one of the big tables with coffees and entered into discussions with wide ranging subjects. One such subject which caused plenty of interest was audio recording standards from wax cylinders to CDs with the characteristics of each standard, such as speeds and formats. Also discussed was analogue tape recording formats. Of course no discussion was complete without some of the Ebenezer VK7AT rib ticklers thrown in at intervals to keep us laughing. Everyone enjoyed the cake and biscuits and Bernie VK7BR had made some of his special sandwiches, which were quite delicious.

A good end to the evening and we hope not quite so cold next week.

73, Idris VK7ZIR”

Final reminder 2019 Membership renewal fees – yes, I am running this again as the 30 June is quickly approaching for those few members that have not as yet renewed their 2019 membership. Remember, if your subs have not been paid by 30 June your name must be removed from the NTARC Membership register and if you have access to the NTARC yahoo site that access will be removed. If you are in that boat and still wish to retain your membership then your payment may be made in cash or cheque at a twice-weekly coffee morning, Wednesday technical session or by cheque to the club at PO Box 275 Launceston 7250. Alternatively you may pay by direct deposit. The NTARC bank account details are:

BSB: 633-000 Bendigo Bank,  Account: 120432687

If paying by direct deposit, please quote your callsign or name as the payee identifier, so our Treasurer can link your payment to your membership and issue you with a receipt. If you have forgotten, the yearly subscription fee is $30.00 for a full voting member.

Social dinner – each year we have a social dinner and I thought I would start the process underway by giving early notice. The dinner is normally held 2 weeks after the August meeting and 2 weeks before the September meeting so by my reckoning that makes it due to happen on Wednesday 28 August. In the past years we have held the dinner at Steves Grill and Bar but a change was requested at last years event. Our aim is to find a suitable venue in town easily accessible to all members and friends that has reasonable parking facilities either on site or close by and of course good fare with an a la Carte menu to accommodate all. So this year the venue will be at the Commercial Hotel, which is on the corner of Cimitiere and George Street Launceston. Meet time 6.30 pm for dinner 7.00 pm. This catch up dinner has proved very successful for many years so why not come along and try the new venue?

Coming events

Technical sessions – The next session will be on Wednesday 26 June and will commence at the usual time of 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm Club room Archer Street, Rocherlea. Pop in catch up with fellow amateurs, bring along something that you are currently building or just ask questions? You might also be able to answer some from other attendees. That is what the evenings are all about, anything of a technical or near-technical nature is fair game. Endless tea and coffee along with biscuits is available for a small gold coin donation.

July BBQ meeting – Saturday 13 July. But it will be a non BBQ event. Instead we will be having soup and sandwiches. Sandwiches will be catered for by Subway and we ask for volunteers to provide pots of homemade soup. So if you are able to assist with the soup production it would be appreciated if you could advise me by email at either of the following addresses 

	ypmaxwell @ or ntarc.emails 

or let me know at coffee sessions as to what you will be bringing. Otherwise we could end up with 4 or more pots of pumpkin soup, which would no doubt be all nice but a variety of soups would be better. As usual the cost will be $10.00 pp to cover lunch and afternoon tea. The lunch will commence at noon and the meeting will follow on at 14:30 hours. We will be having this lunch and meeting in the big hall and if Hearth Vader hasnt been installed there the open fire will be going. As usual the meeting will be followed by afternoon tea.

Social non meeting dinner – Wednesday 28 August. Venue The Commercial Hotel, corner Cimitiere and George Street Launceston. Meet time 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm dinner. A la carte menu. If you are planning to attend could you please email me at either of the following addresses or  or let me know at coffee sessions.

Coffee mornings – A reminder that our twice-weekly coffee sessions are normally held every Monday and Friday commencing at 10.00 am and running through till about noon or longer if members want to linger longer.

Please remember that aside from the good company, freely offered philosophical views, maybe less than expert political analysis, tall tales and genuinely good fare on offer, these coffee events are normally a good opportunity to collect your QSL cards but currently we have no cards awaiting collection.

Please demonstrate your appreciation of all the effort that goes into operating the club and its facilities and other services we provide by joining us at these sessions, enjoying the company, coffee and the cake and leaving a gold coin or two, or even a small bank note, in the jar to assist in our on-going operations. I dont know of any other venue in Launceston where you can get endless coffee, tea and eats for a donation of this miniscule amount.


A reminder to all members that if you have any items of news you would like added to our weekly roundup, then please email the following address 

	ntarc.emails @ 

However, it would be appreciated if any news could be sent no later than 17:00 hours on the Friday prior to broadcast, to allow its timely insertion into the NTARC segment.

Residing as we do in a rural location and despite what the company or Government might claim, our NBN service is very poor. This week the Internet has been down 4 days running and at 14 kms south of Perth, we are deemed beyond the supposedly magical maximum 11 kms distance from the nearest fixed wireless tower, despite the flat terrain, so we have to rely on the NBN satellite, parked somewhere over New Guinea. This brings its own difficulties, particularly in poor weather. Getting the NTARC segment to the boys in Hobart in time can often be problematic, so the earlier cut-off gives everybody involved a little breathing space. Your continued co-operation will therefore be gratefully appreciated.

As always, I look forward to seeing you at Rocherlea.

73, Yvonne VK7FYMX

Secretary NTARC Inc



Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania

July Presentation

For July REAST will be holding a GPS Disciplined Oscillator Forum on Wednesday 3rd July from 7:30pm.

This forum will be led by Rex VK7MO and Justin VK7TW who will be bringing along a broad range of GPSDOs and run through the positives and negatives of the various models.

A broad agenda for the forum will include -

· What is a GPSDO and how does it work?

· When is a GPSDO used and what benefits does it bring?

· Not all GPSDOs are the same.

· Where can you get more information about GPSDOs?

· Who are the Time Nuts?

If you have a GPSDO then bring it along and tell people about what you use it for and your experience with it.

We will have some interesting research around the very topical locking of the ICOM IC-9700 to share.

The session will be streamed on the REAST Facebook and YouTube Channels and will be recorded.

We look forward to seeing you along.

73, Justin, VK7TW


REAST Antenna Build Day

Saturday June 29th from 10am - 3pm - book this one in your diary as this will be REAST Antenna building day! Whether you want to dabble with a dipole, fidget with a fractal or alter an end fed, come and do it up at the REAST Clubrooms, where you will have access to tools and testing equipment to make sure that when you hit the transmit button your signal gets heard, rather than go up in smoke (quite literally with bad SWR!).

While you are more than welcome to bring up your own antenna project to work on and test with the available analysers which are capable of anything between 100KHz to 600Mhz, Ben VK7BEN has also prepared some antenna kits that are easy to make and fantastic starter projects that you can then modify and experiment further with.

The Two kits available are:

An end-fed half wave antenna that can be used on 40-20-15m will cost $35

A VHF/UHF handheld Moxon antenna for working LEO Satellites will cost $25

Each kit takes around 1-2 hours to assemble and test, so why not bring up some lunch and put together an antenna that you can start using as soon as you are done.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a kit, and guaranteeing availability please contact Ben VK7BEN by email at 

	vk7ben @

If you are building kits please be aware that there will be only limited tools available at the clubrooms, and you are strongly encouraged to bring your own. Ben will advise kit builders of what tools they will need on the day a bit closer to the time.

(73, Ben, VK7BEN)


DATV Experimenter's Night Wrap-Up

Even though it was only 5 degrees outside there were a hardy band of experimenter's who made their way up to the Queens Domain clubrooms.

Ron Cullen was beavering away making a roll cage for the azimuth/elevation camera that he displayed last week in his presentation. This was to protect the camera and the 5.8GHz AV antenna if the radio controlled plane was to roll on landing.

The DATV studio was fired up and we started with the new Video intro featuring many pictures of previous experimenter's nights and great introductory audio from Brett VK7FTAS. This led into a run through of pictures and video from Dark Mofo by Justin. VK7TW, then an interview with Ron who showed his new roll-cage.

Justin then outlined the progress he has made on his Spot welder demonstrating the clamp tong arrangement and the connectors he has machined. There was some learnings from this arrangement that has meant that there are some things to try and improve the welder.

Warren VK7WN then took the audience through cold shrink tubing that he came across at Bunnings. There is a rubber tube that is held apart by a spiral plastic arrangement that can be pulled to release and shrink the rubber tube around the coax, pipe, connector, etc, thanks Warren.

Justin then reminded the audience of the VHF/UHF Winter Field Day on this weekend.

We then closed out the night and started the video of last Week's presentation of Ron Cullen's presentation for those people who didn't see it last week.

We retired for a coffee and a huge thanks to Kim VK7KB who bought along some nice professional Telex headsets that only need some minor repairs that were quickly accounted for.

We get back underway this Wednesday night from 7:30pm in the Queen's Domain clubrooms.

Hope to see you there.

(73, Justin, VK7TW)



HF lab unveiled by BAE Systems in SA

A world-class high frequency (HF) laboratory has been opened by BAE Systems in South Australia.

The laboratory will be used to develop new technology for the upgraded Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN).

Using high frequency technologies developed in Australia, JORN is used by the Royal Australian Air Force to monitor Australias northern approaches through a network of three remote radars in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The radar network plays a pivotal role supporting the Australian Defence Forces air and maritime operations, border surveillance, disaster relief and search and rescue operations.

The current $1 billion, 10-year upgrade will significantly increase both the surveillance area and the data gathered by the network.

Up to 80 specialist engineers and graduate engineers will work in the purpose-built facility at Edinburgh Parks, continuing to evolve the ‘DNA of the HF technology that will underpin the JORN upgrade.

BAE Systems investment in the facility will enable continued research and development of new technologies that will be integral to increasing surveillance of the northern and western approaches to Australia.

It will provide a world-class environment to support specialist and graduate engineers to develop, build and integrate the latest technologies into the network.

The laboratory will also be a catalyst for the research and development of Australian HF technologies to continue to grow the nations defence exports.

“Our investment in this laboratory will ensure that we can significantly improve the radars capability and better support this critically important defence asset,” said BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Gabby Costigan.

“This is a unique facility that will allow the development and testing of specialist equipment to ensure that the decade-long upgrade realises the full potential of JORN beyond 2042.

“The next generation of engineers working on this program have the opportunity to bring new insight and innovation to JORN that will ensure it continues to play a key role in protecting the nation.”

The new laboratory will also facilitate continuing collaboration with DST Group to further evolve the world-class HF sensor technology developed for JORN.

Read more:


Regular VK7 gatherings and events over the coming months:

Regular gatherings:

SOTA Group – Monday and Friday Coffee Sessions from 10:30am at Glebe Gardens Cafe 166 Henry St, Launceston

NTARC - Monday and Friday Coffee Sessions from 10am, Technical Sessions on Wednesdays from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm in the clubrooms Archer Street, Rocherlea, Launceston.

REAST – Wednesday Afternoon Group meets from Noon and the Experimenters Nights from 1930 in the Queens Domain clubrooms.

REAST – MICROWAVE QSO Party – following after the Sunday broadcast on 1296.15 MHz FM.


REAST - June 29 - Antenna building day from 10am – 3pm -  Queens Domain Clubrooms

REAST- July 3rd - GPS Disciplined Oscillator Forum Queens Domain Clubrooms

NW Coast – July 6 - Chat and Show group from 2pm at the Penguin Sport Centre Ironcliffe Road Penguin


A reminder to those people rostered for next weeks broadcast and please note the changes to the roster:

Newsreader: VK7FB

Repeaters: REAST, NTARC and NWTR&TVG

80m: VK7JGD

40m: VK7ALH

20m: VK7FB

10m: VK7VKT

DMR: Talk Group 3809 VK7ZCR


This broadcast is repeated on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RTC in the South and VK7RAA in the North.

Thanks to all people and organisations that assisted with this broadcast.


That concludes our VK7 Amateur Radio News Broadcast for this week.

Next week the National WIA news can be heard at 0900 followed by the VK7 Amateur Radio News at 0930 hours.

Items for the broadcast can be emailed to vk7arnews @

Further information about the broadcast can be found at the VK7 Amateur Radio News Groups.IO Group.

The deadline for items is 21:00 on Friday prior to the Sunday of the broadcast.

VK7WI is now closing but will reopen shortly for callbacks and relay reports. Callbacks will be taken on the frequency to which you are listening. Relay stations will use their own callsigns during the callback.

From the VK7 Amateur Radio News, it is 73 from Rick, VK7RI.

		(Posted to the packet network courtesy Tony VK7AX)

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