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VK3API > ALL      20.01.19 05:45l 27 Lines 678 Bytes #10 (0) @ WW
BID : D51608VK3API
Subj: Re: !!! NO 7 PLUS !!!!
Sent: 190119/0632Z @:VK3API.#MEL.VIC.AUS.OC #:20101 [Lilydale] FBB7.00g
To  : ALL@WW

Hi All,

Vk3api is pleased to receive 7+ messages.
However in order not to overload the network (???) senders could send only
a few parts per day.
That might keep everybody happy.

73's Tony VK3API

> please to colleagues who send 7 plus
> so big ... because they do not use mail or other
> system .. they fill the packet network with things
> unusable
> also do not take into consideration that many are by rf
> we must always be vigilant to block colleagues
>  who send such a quantity of 7plus
> at least if they send us pic @ ww / 7plus @ ww
> they are really tiring all the sysop

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