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PA2SNK > ALL      20.01.19 12:00l 67 Lines 2106 Bytes #10 (0) @ WW
BID : 4466_PA2SNK
Subj: Re: !!! NO 7 PLUS !!!!
Sent: 190120/1035Z 36775@PI8SNK.#FRL.NLD.EURO [SNEEK/SNITS] FBB7.01.35 alpha
To  : ALL@WW

# Generated by: TstHWin v2.21b - Registered to PA2SNK
# On : 20-1-2019 11:34:36
# UTC: 20-1-2019 10:34:36

>R:190120/0530Z 36756@PI8SNK.#FRL.NLD.EURO [SNEEK/SNITS] FBB7.01.35 alpha
>R:190120/0438Z @:LU4ECL.LP.BA.ARG.SOAM #:56085 [La Plata] FBB7.0.8-beta2
>R:190120/0438z @:F4DUR.FRHA.FRA.EU $:D51608VK3API
>R:190120/0438z @:F1OYP.FAQI.FRA.EU $:D51608VK3API
>R:190120/0438z @:ON0AR.#AN.BEL.EU $:D51608VK3API
>R:190120/0437Z @:VE2PKT.#QBC.QC.CAN.NOAM #:6552 $:D51608VK3API
>R:190119/0632Z @:VK3API.#MEL.VIC.AUS.OC #:20101 [Lilydale] FBB7.00g
>To  : ALL@WW
>Hi All,
>Vk3api is pleased to receive 7+ messages.
>However in order not to overload the network (???) senders could send only
>a few parts per day.
>That might keep everybody happy.
>73's Tony VK3API

PI8SNK is also pleased to receive 7+
There are not many other msg's so poluting the network is irrelevant.
The RF forwarding here is done in lesh then an hour..
Some years ago this would take longer with the 7+ of today..

Please all stop complaining and i agree with Tony a few parts per day.
Or one or two parts an hour.

>> please to colleagues who send 7 plus
>> so big ... because they do not use mail or other
>> system .. they fill the packet network with things
>> unusable
>> also do not take into consideration that many are by rf
>> we must always be vigilant to block colleagues
>>  who send such a quantity of 7plus
>> at least if they send us pic @ ww / 7plus @ ww
>> they are really tiring all the sysop

                                о     о
                                о     о
                               ооо   ооо
                              оооо   оооо
                            оооооо   оооооо
                             оо  ооооо  оо
                             о    ооо    о
                           ооооооо   ооооооо
                         оооооооо     оооооооо
                   PA2SNK te Sneek/Snits (Friesland)

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