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BID : 16265_N1URO
Subj: Re: !!! NO 7 PLUS !!!!
Sent: 190120/1103Z @:N1URO.#CCT.CT.USA.NOAM #:16265 [Unionville] $:16265_N1URO
To  : ALL@WW

Unfortunately there's really no 7+ activities here in this part of the world
so we do filter them out but I can make a separate area/group on CTJNOS for
anyone who wishes them. 

To me they're no different than some of the robotic messages that come out
daily and as long as they're not in huge chunks that's fine for our systems.
We just don't have that sort of activity here. Not complaining just stating
facts as they are. 

We've been busy trying to construct new sites and reconstruct old sites that
are on old technologies. Hopefully the better we can get our own RF network
the more it'll motivate others to dust off their TNCs and get back into the
mode :)

73 de N1URO
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