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Subj: Re: How many nodes!
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>R:180814/0919Z @:PI8CDR.#DRE.NLD.EURO #:32204 [Westerbork] $:42144_I0OJJ
>R:180814/0910Z @:VE2PKT.#QBC.QC.CAN.NOAM #:65041 $:42144_I0OJJ
>R:180814/0810z @:IK6ZDE.IMAR.ITA.EU $:42144_I0OJJ
>R:180814/0910z @:IZ3LSV.IVEN.ITA.EU $:42144_I0OJJ
>R:180814/0907z @:I0OJJ.ITA.EU [Rome] #:42146 $:42144_I0OJJ
>>From Tue Aug 14 11:07:59 2018
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>Yes, but many of them are fake in several modes.
>Apart the inevitable failures that put down the
>'lability' or better the 'reachability'
>At thime of this writing, at ROMEGW:IR0RM the
>count is of 766 nodes displayed, as shown below.
>Some remarks about the node's identification.
>NetRom nodes 'MUST' be specified/identified as:
>so, giving a breaf look at the node list,
>result several misconfigured node identities;
>i.e.       :CE8FGC      :BBS      :CX2SA
>           :DB0ERF-13   :IR1UAW-7
>and so on ...

Filter out the inet only nodes and there will be only a few left..
The inet only nodes have no use in my opinion.
Real nodes have RF ports..
Also running several nodes at 1 location just becouse the software is fun to experiment
with is not of any use for users.

I have a node that is two hops away and i cannot connect to it over net/rom becouse
the node list is to mutch poluted with junk nodes.

This is no going on for a long time.

Danny PA2SNK

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