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I6KZR  > 7PLUS    17.08.18 19:45l 11 Lines 238 Bytes #9 (0) @ WW
BID : 5653I6KZR
Subj: 7PSERV waterOnMars.inf
Sent: 180817/1929 @:GB7COW.#44.GBR.EU Sally 7.2.001  $:5653I6KZR

7PSERV waterOnMars.inf

Orig name: waterOnMars.jpg
7Plus name: WATERO~1.JPG
Description: This is the first safe picture of the existence of water on Mars.
File size: 46091
Date/Time: 17/08/2018 19:29:06
Sent by: I6KZR

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