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I have been a Class A radio amateur with TI3AMM license since 1979; in 1995 start in digital communications
To date, I created the first Internet Radio gateway in Costa Rica, ( and during the
For the last 24 years I have participated as a founding partner of the Central American Network of Packet (RECAP) today technical committee of FRACAP (Federation of Radio amateurs of Central America and Panama), founding partner of the Digital Network Tango India (REDTI) actively participating in all the projects of the local networks; from DOS, Windows to the versions of Slackware, Debian and Ubuntu and in recent times the Raspberrys, everything that is packet has been experienced, always sharing with the community what has been learned during the decades of thousands of work hours.

Thanks to Brian Kantor WB6CYT, thanks to Brian Rogers N1URO, thanks Humberto Diaz YN7D, thanks to Jose Lg Hp2AT, thanks to Jose Gonzalez CX2SA and many, many fellow experimenters of the world, who have been partners of the BBS forward. Today I turn off my TI2AMM / YN7MM license and I abandon all the SysOp supports of and and I ask all those who have some records of my contributions or links to delete them.

Reasons? I stopped believing in what we knew as RadioaficiĆ³n and I joined the large number of those who no longer
They feel the brotherhood that united us.

A hug; to those who deserve it in @ww
Alberto Mata Morales

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