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Subj: IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday 12th May 2019
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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday 12th May 2019
Contest Results
Results of the IRTS 70 cms and 2 metres Counties Contests held on
 Easter Monday have been published, see 
(the Contest Results page) for full details. Award Certificates for the
 leading station in each section may be downloaded from the respective
 results pages.

Activity during both contests was low: for the 70 cms contest, just 9 
logs were submitted, showing 25 EI and GI stations in 17 counties active
 on the band. For the 2 metres contest, 20 logs were submitted, showing 
91 EI and GI stations in 28 counties active during the contest.

Dundalk Amateur Radio Society
DARS held their AGM on 1st May at Marconi House. The new committee was 
elected and is as follows:

• Chairman Hugh EI9KF • Secretary Brian EI8EJB • Treasurer Jim EI2HJB
 • P.R.O. Thos EI2JD • QSL Manager Seßn EI4IP • IRTS Representative Pat
 EI2HX • Technical Manager Richard MI3CQR • Librarian Michael EI1581 
• Caretaker Ivan EI1166

The latest addition to facilities at Marconi House is our new technical
 library. Already, thanks to kind donations from club members, the society
 have a significant amount of text books, magazines, journals, manuals,
 etc. which are available for withdrawal by members. This will assist 
new-to-the-hobby members as learning tools, as well as being a reference 
source to not-so-new-to-the-hobby members.

DARS is looking forward to the new 2019/2020 season and would like to send 
thanks to all those associated at the club.

DARS were also delighted to find out that EI0W/P (the club's contest 
call sign) won 1st place in the SSB/FM High Power Section of the IRTS 2m
 Counties Contest last Easter Monday.

South Dublin Radio Club
The South Dublin Radio Club will be hosting a guest speaker talk on 
Tuesday 4th of June 2019 at Ballyroan community centre on the Marian
 road in Rathfarnham. All members are asked to attend. Additional details
 to follow over the coming weeks.

South Eastern Amateur Radio Group
A reminder that the South Eastern Amateur Radio Group EI2WRC will be 
hosting the 88th Annual Irish Radio Transmitters Society AGM over the
 weekend of the 18th & 19th April 2020, in The Woodford Dolmen Hotel, 
Kilkenny Road, Carlow.

This will be their 2nd time to host the event and they look forward to
 welcoming everyone from Ireland and beyond to Carlow. Room prices for 
the weekend are as follows.

Friday & Saturday – 2 nights bed & breakfast, with one evening meal is
 €288 for a double room. Friday & Saturday - 2 nights bed & breakfast,
 with one evening meal is €254 for a single room. Saturday Night Only
 – bed & breakfast is €149 for a double room Saturday Night Only – bed 
& breakfast is €139 for a single room.

The hotel reception may be contacted on 059 9142002. Please use the 
code “IRTS 2020ö to obtain the special room prices for the event. More
 information on the weekend will be released once confirmed.

For anyone that wishes to find out more about the South Eastern Amateur 
Radio Group and their activities you can drop them an email to
 “southeasternarg /at/ gmail /dot/ comö or please feel free to come
 along to any of their meetings. You can check out their website and you can also join them on Facebook and follow them 
on Twitter.

DX News
To mark the 26th anniversary of the Amateur Radio Union of the Kyrgyz 
Republic the special callsign EX26Y will be on the air until 15th May.
 Activity will be on 10 -160m on SSB, CW and Digital.

Tom DL7BO will be QRV from Vietnam as XV9BO from 13th – 19th May.
 Look for him on 10 – 160m on SSB, CW, RTTY and FT8. Qsls go via the 
home call.

Thomas F4HPX will be active holiday-style as FR/F4HPX from Reunion
 Island from 15th May – 5th June. He will operate mainly SSB and FT8
 on 40, 20 and 15m.

Members of the Old House Radio Club OH5C will visit the Aland Islands 
from 22nd – 28th May using the callsign OG0C. QSL via OH5CW.

Items for inclusion in next week’s Radio News can be submitted via
 e-mail to “newsteam /at/ irts / dot / ieö for automatic forwarding 
to both the radio and printed news services. Urgent news items for the
 radio news may be telephoned to the radio news editor, Mark EI6HPB on
 086 355 2370.

Please note that items for the radio news should reach the editor no 
later than midday on Thursday in order to be guaranteed inclusion in 
the following Sunday’s bulletin.

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