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           / (_/\) \/ (\__  )) D (( (__  ) _)    ) _ ( ) _ (\___ \
           \____/\____/(___/(____/ \___)(____)  (____/(____/(____/
              28.125 USB @ 300 BAUD --- HELLOCODELINUX@GMAIL.COM

Title :

Title : Decoding EMWIN Weather Information VHF Rebroadcasts with

Content :  EMWIN is an acronym for Emergency Managers Weather
Information Network, and is a service for emergency managers
that provides weather forecasts, warnings, graphics and other
information in real time. EMWIN is broadcast from geostationary
NOAA GOES satellites, and if you have a GOES SDR receiver setup it
is possible to  receive and decode EMWIN  data. 

Title : LimeSDR Angle of Arrival Experiments at 145 MHz

Content :      Two J-Poles used in LimeSDR Angle of Arrival

Title : Elektor SDR Hands-on Book + Arduino Shield HF SDR

Content :  Elektor is a popular electronics magazine and hobbyist kit
store. Recently they have  published a book titled "SDR Hands-on
Book"  written by Burkhard Kainka. The book is intended as a
companion to their Arduino SDR shield kit, which is a low cost
module that allows you to turn an Arduino into a 150 kHz to 30 MHz
capable SDR. It is based on the  G8JCFSDR , which is an RF front
end downconverter that allows a PC soundcard to be used as an SDR
analog to digital converter. 

Title : Creating a DAB+ Radio Station with a LimeSDR

Content :  Thank you to Godrey L for submitting his  article/tutorial
that shows us how to broadcast a DAB/DAB+ radio station using a
LimeSDR and ODR-mmbTools . The  LimeSDR Mini  is a US$159 12-bit
TX/RX capable SDR that can tune between 10 MHz – 3.5 GHz, with
a maximum bandwidth of up to 30.72 MHz. ODR-mmbTools is an open
source DAB transmission chain which is compatible with USRP and
LimeSDR SDRs. 

Title : SignalsEverywhere: Running PlutoSDR over an Ethernet
Network Connection

Content :  Over on YouTube Corrosive from his  SignalsEverywhere
channel has just uploaded a new video showing us how to run a
PlutoSDR over an Ethernet connection. As the PlutoSDR does not have
an Ethernet port built in he uses a USB to Ethernet adapter. The
rest of the video shows how to configure the IP address settings
in the PlutoSDR config files, and in Windows. 

Title : Receiving Es’Hail-2 DVB-S2 on Ubuntu With LeanDVB

Content :  Yesterday  we posted  about a real time
Windows demodulator for receiving amateur TV DVB-S/S2 on
Es'Hail-2/QO-100. Recently another YouTube user "M Khanfar" also
submitted a video tutorial showing how to decode Es'Hail-2 DVB-S2
on Ubuntu with an RTL-SDR and the  LeanDVB decoder . 

Title : A Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR Based Boombox

Content :  Thank you to Walter P. for writing in and sharing with
us his  conversion of an old analog boombox into a fully functional
wideband software defined radio  based on an RTL-SDR dongle and

Title : Windows Realtime DVB-S Demodulator for Es’Hail-2 &
Amateur TV Available

Content :  Thank you to Happysat for writing in and noting that
over on the Amsat-DL forums user Markro92 has  uploaded a realtime
Windows DVB-S demodulator with GUI . The demodulator works with the
RTL-SDR, HackRF, SDRplay and PlutoSDR support is due to be added
soon. Happysat notes the following:  


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