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Title :

Title : SignalsEverywhere: Common Modulations Tutorial Video

Content :  This week on the  SignalsEverywhere  YouTube channel,
host Corrosive gives us a tutorial on common modulations that you'll
see on your software defined radio. His tutorial covers Amplitude
Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation (FM), Single Side Band (SSB)
and Conintuous Wave (CW) modulations. In the video he shows what
they look like and how to select the correct mode and bandwidth
settings in SDR#. Corrosive uses an Airspy in the video, but the
same concepts are valid for any SDR, like the RTL-SDR. 

Title : An RTL-SDR and Pi 3 Based Ground Station for Simulated

Content :  CubeSats are small and light satellites that can these
days be built and launched into orbit by almost anyone with a small
budget of roughly $40,000. They are a great way for schools and
other organizations to get into a space based technology project. A
"simulated" CubeSat is one that is not designed to be really launched
into space, and is made from low cost hardware. The idea is that
simulated CubeSats can be used as tools to help demystify the inner
workings of satellites to the public and help CubeSat builders get
experience and competence before building the real thing. 

Title : Decoding FT8 with an RTL-SDR Blog V3 in Direct Sampling Mode

Content :  Over on YouTube user  ModernHam  has uploaded a useful
tutorial showing how to use our RTL-SDR Blog V3 dongles for FT8
monitoring. The RTL-SDR Blog V3 has a built in direct sampling
circuit which allows for reception of HF signals without the need
for any upconverter. FT8 is an amateur radio weak signal digital
communications mode which can be received all around the world even
with low transmit power. 

Title : The RadioInstigator: A $150 Signals Intelligence Platform
Consisting of a Raspberry Pi, RPiTX, 2.4 GHz Crazyradio and an

Content :  Circle City Con is a yearly conference that focuses on
information security talks. At this years conference Josh Conway
presented an interesting talk  titled "SigInt for the Masses
Building and Using a Signals Intelligence Platform for Less than
$150". Josh's talk introduces his "RadioInstigator" hardware which
is a combination of a Raspberry Pi, CrazyRadio and an RTL-SDR all
packaged into a 3D printed enclosure with LCD screen. The idea behind
the RadioInstigator is to create a portable and low cost Signals
Intelligence (SIGINT) device that can be used to investigate and
manipulate the security of radio signals. 

Title : SignalsEverywhere: What SDR To Buy? Choose the Right one
For You

Content :  Over on his YouTube channel  SignalsEverywhere ,
Corrosive has just released a new video titled "Software Defined
Radio Introduction | What SDR To Buy? | Choose the Right one For
You". The video is an introduction to low cost software defined
radios and could be useful if you're wondering which SDR you should

Title : Tracking Tagged Orangutans in the Bornean Jungle with Drones,
GNU Radio and an Airspy Mini

Content :  Due to various human activities causing the environmental
destruction of it's habitat, the Orangutan is now classed as a
critically endangered species. In addition to being endangered,
Orangutans face another problem in that they are often captured
and sold as pets due to their intelligence and cuteness. 

Title : Podcast: The magic of Software Defined Radio with Ben Hilburn

Content :  

Title : Using an RTL-SDR to Monitor A Tire Pressure Sensor used in
Home Brewing

Content :  Over on YouTube  Andreas Spiess  has been helping his
friend create a pressure monitoring system for his home brew beer
bottles. In order to do this, Andreas uses an externally mounted
after market wireless tire pressure sensor whose data can be received
with an RTL-SDR and the rtl_433 decoder software. Modern vehicle
tires contain a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) sensor, which
keeps track of tire pressure, temperature and acceleration. The data
is wirelessly transmitted via 433 or 315 MHz to the cars dashboard
and computer for safety monitoring. 


Documentation is the castor oil of programming.  Managers know it must be
good because the programmers hate it so much.


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