OpenBCM V1.06 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox


[C.D.G. OpenBCM]

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:: REPLY ::
Syntax: REP(LY) [ [<board>] <range> ] [<title>]

After having read a mail you can simply send an answer to the sender
by using the REPLY command. All needed data of the recipient (call, forward
address) will be taken from the read mail.

If you specify a board and a range, the command will be related to all
specified mails. If you use "K" as dir/list option, all replied user mails
are marked with "r" instead of "R" or ")".
If you do not specify a title, the used title will be "RE:" plus the
title of the original mail. If reply is used more than one time, "RE^n:"
is used instead of "RE: RE: RE: RE:".

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